2014 lifevantage business presentation with axiomatic definition

For more information on the Company and Product www. Rather we need to slow the rate of aging to avoid the frailty that would make longevity less desirable. Retained celebrity doctor Carlon Colker, M. The rest is up to us. It is programmed into our DNA.

Securities and Exchange Commission to have bought a 5. Economic Timing Slide Protandim reduced the rate of cell aging to the level of a 20 year old! Scientists agree 2014 lifevantage business presentation with axiomatic definition aging and most deadly diseases are the result of cellular deterioration due to destructive molecules called free-radicals.

According to the company, the product was initially sold through retail channels such as GNC ; [17] however, inafter several consecutive years of multimillion-dollar losses, the company, which by then was doing business under the name LifeVantage, stopped marketing it through retailers and switched to multi-level marketing, selling it instead through a network of commissioned independent distributors.

Billion dollar brands are not unusual in network marketing. PROTANDIM is the only supplement clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress by an average of 40, slowing down the cell aging process to the level of a 20 year-old.

LifeVantage can help make your dreams a reality. And the proof is conclusive. Fast Start Training Bonus Paid weekly A generous 40 commission on product purchased by everyone you personally enroll during their first 30 days with LifeVantage. Matching Bonus Paid monthly Earn a 10, 15, or 20 match on the Unilevel Royalty Bonus checks of all of the people you personally enroll.

People are calling LifeVantage the most exciting home based business opportunity to come along in decades. Antioxidant supplements andantioxidant rich foods are promoted heavily But do consumable antioxidants really fight the free radicals that cause aging?

Each Protandim caplet contains a unique combination of phytonutrients that signal the bodys genes to produce its own antioxidant enzymes, which provides thousands of times more antioxidant power than any food or conventional antioxidant supplement. In a peer reviewed, published human medical study, the amount of free radical toxins TBARS in the blood was measured in control subjects of all ages, many of whom were taking antioxidant supplements.

Why is Protandim so effective? Most of NuSkin team joined MonaVie and did it in 5. Free-radical damage is known as Oxidative Stress or Oxidative Damage.

This free-radical damage that causes aging is called Oxidative Stress, the same process that causes rust. Unilevel Royalty Bonus Paid monthly Earn a percentage appx 4.

And once you join, your sponsor will help you set earning goals and provide you with world-class sales and marketing tools. As you can see, free radical damage increases predictably as you age. Although the Company believes that the assumptions underlying such statements are reasonable, it can give no assurance that they will be attained.

You will be paid monthly on nine levels of dynamically compressed product sales -- LifeVantage skips those members of your organization who dont qualify when calculating your nine levels allowing you to collect even deeper!

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is generally thought to be inevitable and progressive. Scheduling stories for Protandim media coverage on television, radio, internet and print Discussions begun with well-known celebrities regarding endorsement Aggressive Public Relations Campaign Slide Thanks to cutting edge scientific research and incredible advances, practical immortality may now be within our grasp.

The LifeVantage Compensation Plan provides you with flexible ways to earn income.In JulyLifeVantage entered into a new manufacturing agreement with Cornerstone Research & Development to produce Protandim, and with Wasatch Product Development to produce a Protandim-based skin cream (TrueScience).

Inbiochemist Joe M. McCord joined the LifeVantage board of directors as the company’s Director of Science. © LifeVantage Corporation. All rights reserved.

UNITED STATES $M (+15% OVERALL/+9% CAGR) 5 THE ENERGY DRINK MARKET Size &. We can give “real” meaning to an axiomatic system (like the Fe-Fo axiomatic system) by providing an interpretation for the system. If an interpretation satisfies all the axioms of the system, the interpretation is called a model of the axiomatic system.

Mar 17,  · How to get to Pro 5 FAST and be a TOP LifeVantage Distributor!

How Protandim Works

- Duration: LifeVantage Australia- Fastest Growing Team Leader 5, views. LifeVantage Investor Presentation May Investor Presentation May MB. Read More. 09 May at PM MDT 09 May at PM MDT 3rd Quarter Fiscal Conference Call.

Listen to webcast. Read More. 12 Feb 12 Feb LifeVantage Investor Presentation February compensation plan. unlimited income potential.

earn up to: % of your group volume (gv or ov) lifevantage pays out an average of 51% of global commissionable sales volume. life life is our focus here.

2014 lifevantage business presentation with axiomatic definition
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