A recollection of a burglary experience at my home

Anger Once you begin to move through the grief of your loss, you will start feeling angry. My other friend, however, experienced the sort of burglary that was a lot subtler. One of them was robbed of her flat screen TV and fish tank both of which were situated in the center of her living room while she was away on a family vacation in the Philippines.

The damage could be severe enough to require the services of a contractor to do necessary repairs and paint. Make your home the least appealing house on the block — for the crooks, that is. The police are suggesting that whoever gained entry to the flat did so by either jimmying the lock and leaving no trace of doing it, or more worryingly, they had a set of keys.

He marched in, called the police, and got them back. The scare tactics used in advertisements by the insurance and home security sectors is well known. And when it comes to technology, these days many product companies give you the ability to enable device tracking specifically in the instance of theft.

Prevention The best way to handle burglary is to stop criminals in their tracks before your home is targeted.

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We heard some noise downstairs, opening of drawers and cupboards, not thinking too much of it due to me having a flat mate who likes to go out on the raz, I thought she had gotten up early and was sorting out her washing and making breakfast.

Install a home security system with a burglar alarm. You are stronger than a break in.

5 Ways to Cope with the Emotional Aftermath of a Burglary

There was no cash in my wallet, I just had the pain in the arse of cancelling cards as a result of this issue. But these costs are minimal compared to having to face the aftermath of a burglary. In between time, my flatmate came home to confirm what had been taken. Just five minutes later, there was a police helicopter thermal imaging the roof, sadly to no avail.

Especially neighbors who just so happen to be privy to information that could reunite you with your valuables and the peace of mind you deserve when it leads to the apprehension of your burglar.

Priority has to also be given to the personal recovery process. If your home was trashed in the robbery with many broken windows and a big mess, you may need a disaster recovery cleaning service. The trick is to not allow your anger to consume you.

Take action to protect and empower yourself. Fear This is probably the worst stage of them all. On Sunday I Googled "burglar alarms", to find the first reference was a consumer test I wrote myself in never expect journalists to follow their own advice.

But how much more? Take it from someone who has been a victim of both crimes. It emerged that whoever it was had ransacked my flatemates room, making off with her DSLR camera, some worthless but sentimental jewellery and my bag, containing my wallet and some clothes.

Depending on the amount of force used to break into the home, there may be no damage or there may be major work.

The Hidden Costs of Home Burglary

They have had both barrels from me due to the lax security on the building as a whole and due to the comments made by the PCs who visited me on Saturday. The only thing enraging me is the fact that the whole of this has scared the s t out of my girlfriend.

An hour later I was at Screwfix, on the path of burglary cliche number one. By the time I was filing out police reports, I had accepted it. Any advice and comments are appreciated.Jun 01,  · Gutted for you, horrible experience. +1 on the mag light, brilliantly versatile tools.

I knew an ex US Navy Seal, who then went to work for an undercover drugs unit, and he swore by mag lights for t tting people round the head. What are the odds that your home will be burglarized this year? Data from the FBI crime report shows that we can expect one in every thirty-six homes in the United States to be burglarized this year, resulting in an average loss of $2, per break in (totaling $ billion in property losses).

These numbers do not account for any additional. Our home security checklist can also help you find vulnerable areas of your home, and provides advice for making those areas more secure.

Two of the best deterrents to crime-and which may help you feel safest the fastest following your break-in-are a home security system and alarm monitoring.

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Learn plenty of ways you can protect your home from invasion or burglary. This guide will discuss safeguard steps to take both inside and outside your home. Home ProFinder Pro Reviews Share Your Experience.

Name* E-mail (will not be published)* Website. Submit. need to find a pro for your. Go around your house and identify all weak spots in your home’s security.

Broken window locks and unlocked doors are two of many problems commonly found in homes. Some steps you can take include using stronger locks and installing a home .

A recollection of a burglary experience at my home
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