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Bilingual education is the form of education which is characterized with the teaching of the academic content in two different languages: Educators according to Ovando et. This act ruled that public schools must provide programs for students who speak little or no English.

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Be a good American -- Talk American! There are many reasons why late exit bilingual education should be the choice of public schools everywhere with high minority populations.

Inparents of children enrolled in the bilingual education programs at the 9th street Elementary school in Los Angeles, California, kept their children out of Erie 6 school until the school board agreed to remove them from bilingual education programs. Erie 2 The bilingual education program has a noble purpose and worthwhile objectives.

Many students leave school with limited spoken English and almost no ability to read and write in English Taylor.

Bilingual Education: The Controversy the&nbspTerm Paper

It is true that one needs to learn the English language to be successful, but forcing one to give up his or her cultural background is going against everything this country stands for. Download this Term Paper in word format. Contrary to constitutional rights, by choosing to live in America, lack of academic English education impairs ones right to freedom of speech Gonzales and Maez, I was in a class with three Hispanic immigrants while I was in high school.

The United States is a melting pot of different cultures. As the bilingual education debate continues, one must not only assess the quality of teachers implementing the programs but also take into consideration the amount of time a students spends in the program.

Having qualified bilingual teachers is extremely important in the instruction of language minority students and is evident in the following study done by Tesol Quarterly. Although ample evidence favors bilingual education as a means to help students grow academically, structural flaws such as bilingual education programs that allow children to languish too long in ineffective or unsuitable programs and a lack of bilingually qualified teachers prevent many programs from accomplishing the most that they can accomplish.

We can help with writing your Bilingual Education term paper now! If you look at the statistics for a term paper, you will change your mind at once. Lack of government funding, the teaching and judging criteria, and the selection and training of LEP teachers of yesterday has played a major role in the results of today, although recent progress has been implicated, which will be discussed later on.

Not only is this unfortunate due to the incredible waste of time and resources given to develop theories and practices in support of the method, but it is also unfortunate because much of the so called "evidence" in opposition to bilingual education is politically driven, highly contrived and biased -- to the detriment of real students in need of quality education, whatever their ethnic or national background.

The results of giving bilingual education low priority have been severe. As the number of LEP students has increased, this has created a scarcity in qualified teachers. Several years ago, there were no standard procedures for placement of LEP students.

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We must stop the practice of multilingual education as a means of instilling ethnic pride, or as a therapy for low self-esteem, or out of elitist guilt over a culture built on the traditions of the West Pitsch, The first struggle that school administrators must overcome is finding teachers that speak the minority language of a group of students in a particular school.

The solution to such problems can lie in the idea that teachers should be provided with greater documentation of the effectiveness of theoretically sound techniques Medina Several years ago, "limited English proficient students were exempt from state testing, due to language barriers" Crawford, English will be taught in an English as a Second Language context -- that is as a foreign language which is exactly what it is when one strips the issue of its political or nationalistic implications.

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Perhaps here the most telling words seem to be the more intelligent class the better class and. Bilingual Education term papers and essays Bilingual education, which shares issues in common with bicultural education, has given rise to an ongoing debate about the pros and cons of its effectiveness.

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