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It will be also important to include environmentally friendly features in the design; the fauna and flora habitat, detention basins, water collection and recycling facilities. Landscaping maay generally be described as: They contribute greatly to the attractiveness of our outdoor spaces, the protection of our natural environment and to the health and well being of the community.

Moreover the foundation must be designed to transmit the loads of the buildings to the ground so that there is, at most, only a limited settlement of the building into the ground by the compression of the soil under the foundation loads.

Building construction essay, regulations require buildings to be structurally sound; that is, in the case of fire or disaster, buildings and homes must be able to withstand the shock of a sudden fire or destructive event. Though different states and municipalities have variation in their particular regulatory regimes, there are some standard guidelines that all state and local governments must abide.

The client wishes the same building to be built in a high risk bushfire area where soil conditions are highly reactive. First, abiding by the codes can increase the cost of construction, since builders must seek and use the latest in both structurally sound and fire retardant material -- as technologies such as nanotechnology go public, each succeeding generation of fire retardant building material may be required for not only building, but for renovation of existing structures as well.

History is replete with examples of catastrophic fires and mass death due to fires and natural disasters; take for example what happened to San Francisco during the earthquake and resulting fire in or in the Rhode Island Station nightclub fire in which ninety-six patrons were killed.

Also, there may be increased costs to architectural firms as they must alter plans and designs to incorporate features such as fire escapes and clear pathways to meet building codes.

The series of fact sheets which aims to provide environmental information to help the landscape industry meet its environmental responsibilities is referred to as soft landscaping.

Before setting foundation it is important to certain that the activities to be carried out will have minimal impact to the environment. Formerly, if a site plan is generated, a multitude of small design decisions must be made, each of which will affect the hydrology of a development.

As a building is being designed, there has to be a foundation to support its structure, and this can increase the cost of seeking the appropriate location for the building -- i.

But in order for there to be safety and security, builders and contractors must be held to account for shoddy or inferior workmanship, and the only way to ensure that homes and buildings are safe and secure, is to use the force of law through regulations and codes to oblige builders to design and build safe and secure structures.

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Fire retardant materials can help prevent a building from burning…… [Read More] Each of these codes and regulations can have a considerable impact on building construction.

Many contemporary building materials are made with new plastics and polymers that do not, or are resistant, to burning. In this; well designed, constructed and maintained landscapes are an asset to the community. Codes and building standards are very important for firefighter and rescuer safety.

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In this analysis, our main aim is to protect the existing native bush land on and off the site.Building Construction Technology Essay BUILDING CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY Task-1 Explain the quality control testing before you allow starting the concreting work for the foundation, columns, slab and beams.

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The Residential Building Construction Construction Essay INTRODUCTION. Construction is the general used to describe the activity of the creation of physical infrastructure, superstructure and related to facility.

Building construction is a complex, significant, and rewarding process. It begins with an idea and culminates in a structure that may serve its occupants for several decades, even centuries. Like the manufacturing of products, building construction requires an ordered and planned assembly of materials.

INTRODUCTION In this modern world an builders faces lots of challenges in the construction of a house or buildings to compete the world in.

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