Chaucer writing assignment format

Students make a tape of themselves singing the song. Sample 1 of Prologue Assignment Student Work: You are encouraged to research and include secondary sources, but original insight and analysis should still dominate the entire discussion.

You are obligated to hand in the assignment or the textual portions of a web page with the URL at the beginning of the class period on the designated due date. You may work alone or with someone else creating a useful resource for current and future students of Chaucer.

I ask students questions Questions: No work submitted means you did not meet the requirements of the course big F ; late work will not be read but at least you will have met requirements minimally little F factored in.

There are many possibilities. Chaucer by helmut s. Truancy is, of course, no excuse i. This guide will not only utilize the Internet but will give students, individually or in small groups, the opportunity to read and respond in a variety of ways to a historical fiction book.

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Have students complete the tale. Have students make visual plot outlines of a certain work. Selected Lines from Prologue Prologue Assignment: If you take up this challenge heroically and meaningfully, it will show.

Sample 1 - Prologue Assignment take place during the day two activities outlined in a subsequent lesson plan. Find a connection to contemporary society: Teachers familiar with Lord of the Rings could make their students aware of these items.

THE CANTERBURY TALES: Prologue Day 1 of 2

My classes are held in minute block sessions. I revise the instructions Assignment: Depending on how you work best, you may want the idea first. After reading the novel the students will extend their knowledge by researching the topics using the Internet.

The Canterbury Tales Writing Assignment - Essay Example

Realize that this is a scholarly project, not an advertisement or fan page. While explaining the assignment, I realize that item 2, "Write an introduction you will use to introduce YOURSELF as the character," should actually be completed after students analyze and interpret the character description Chaucer outlines.

To spur discussion, have a look at the ECT Frame Tale page and the spurious links and Chaucerian apocrypha listed there.

I welcome other kinds of projects that demonstrate the same objectives: Proofread well so that minor surface matters do not distract readers from your ideas. They could also cast their movie. An odd but interesting exercise in contemporary reader response and exploration: Rather than as an "opinion," think of this as your perspective or insight.

As a result, I actually revise the instructions and tell the students to do item 2 after items 1, 3, and 4 so that they have time and opportunity to process who their assigned character is before synthesizing their knowledge by writing their introduction.

I reproduce them here with Ms. According to the description: If appropriate for younger audiences, the students perform their skits for elementary classes.

Be conscientious, nay ruthless, in focusing your scope. The weak mind thinks that selection of some enormous subject such as "love" will allow for superficial discussion of three different poems slapped together to fill the required pages. Then we identify and circle the similarities among the items.

Then consider its larger significance within the poem -- perhaps how this moment advances one of the key themes or motifs in the larger work. The Merchant and the Manciple? On a more positive note, I assure you that I am happy to provide advice and help at any stage of the pre-writing, researching, and drafting processes, short of giving you a topic and writing the text for you.

Why is this one observation or insight of yours significant in the larger framework of the play? What is peculiar and subtle about this moment?

Students can use actual items or paper items to hang from the mobile. Revised Prologue Assignment for subsequent classes.You will include a Works Cited list even if the only work on the list is the Chaucer text.

For further instruction regarding documentation, refer to the handout given with the assignment, or to the web page, or ask me ahead of time. Proofread well so that minor surface matters do. While writing this it will help your paper if details in your stories match with those in the actual stories.

Final papers should be typed, double-spaced and grammatically correct. Examples: *From the point of view of one of the characters, write a story about that character before or. apostrophes beowulf canterbury tales cause and effect commas designing writing assignments traci gardner Teaching Literature eChaucer: Chaucer in the Twenty-First Century.

The Canterbury Tales Essay Topics & Writing Assignments Geoffrey Chaucer This set of Lesson Plans consists of approximately pages of tests, essay questions, lessons, and other teaching materials. Write a paragraph analysis include responses to questions of the “An Analysis of a Canterbury Tale” handout in complete sentence/paragraph format and paragraphs summarizing the critical essay you chose to read and discussing how it extends/enhances your understanding of the pilgrim and his/her tale.

The Canterbury Tales. The Chaucer Pedagogy Page: Online Assistance for Teachers and Students of Chaucer and the Later Middle Ages Assignment Ideas Using the WWW: Write a brief analysis of the comparison / contrast between the two tales, focusing on one (or a couple of closely related) theme, such as: plot, character(s), setting, point of view, or symbolism.

Chaucer writing assignment format
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