Convocation address be who you want

Some of you have already studied or traveled abroad. You can help maintain this community standard by encouraging those around you not to drink or, for those who are of legal age, to drink responsibly. Your education should help you to think critically, to develop sound logic and judgement.

The rules suggested by management theory cannot blindly be applied, as one would a cookbook recipe. Weyman for the awards they are receiving for their work in teaching, research and service.

You bring diverse experiences to Western New England University: Please help me welcome and congratulate these colleagues. If Sumantra is right, Russia, where managers have far more of a free hand to run their corporations, should have far better run public corporations than the United States.

The whole system of required attendance, course grades, credit hours, and all the painful rigidities of the curriculum has grown up because the scholars, perhaps mistakenly, did not believe the young men and women had these characteristics, and perhaps mistakenly, did not have the courage to shut them out.

We are fortunate to have state leadership that is committed to education and higher education, recognizing that the transformation of the region depends upon dramatically increasing the baccalaureate attainment rate.

I graduated from college in — which genuinely seems like yesterday to me, just as today will seem like yesterday to you not only tomorrow, when it really will be yesterday, but thirty years in the future. Each year a faculty member is selected to receive the George and Miriam Phillips Outstanding Professor Award and a staff member is selected to receive the Vivian Cunniffe Award for the outstanding staff employee.

He has solidified, too often in more ways than one. Who turns down a dinner with Steve Jobs? Why must we stick to a narrative that denies the voices of those women?

The first duty of a university is to provide those scholars with the means of life, which no university has yet adequately done, and with the means of work. One year, a woman came across the stage and, when I asked her that question, she looked at me with such conviction and said: My faith cannot flourish if I cannot practice it freely.

The graduating class of received its diplomas from the Harry Potter creator. This will require re-examination of undergraduate education. Together, we need to improve retention and graduation rates without sacrificing standards.

I encourage you to visit the Involvement Fest on September 7, from noon to 3 p. The portrait of a CEO that I am painting may not resonate with some of you. Now you may have heard that your generation is the hope of America.

The Ombuds will provide a neutral, informal and independent resource for those who seek to resolve University-related transgressions, concerns or disputes.

Quite frankly, the process was like doing a Thesis all over again!

History of Presidency

By the law of averages, many of you will follow your inner conscience to become heads of widely held private corporations.

So I say to you, do not dismiss the voices of traditional and historical Christianity. You have expressed a wide variety of interests. I hope our new students will be inspired to achieve academic fulfillment as you have. Until the Great Reform Bill ofParliament had been theoretically an Anglican body, [6] and many churchmen began to argue that neither Parliament nor the bishops in the House of Lords expressed the mind of the Church as a whole [7] In the routine session at the beginning of a new Parliament coincided with the polemical nomination of Dr Hampden to the see of Hereford.

George Walker, a national leader in research and graduate education, as Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies, will offer the leadership we need to realize our goal of developing nationally innovative graduate education and growing an urban research university. Most of our students make good choices, but sometimes, the pressure of being in a new place can lead people to make bad decisions.

Convocation Address 2017

The Golden Triangle is simply this: If we do not stand up for those with whom we disagree, we stand for nothing. When I graduated, I was extremely eager to climb the corporate ladder, to be a vice president in five years, and a CEO in ten.

We value treating others with respect, standing against any kind of prejudice, and speaking out with courage about what is right and wrong. Community service learning is also expanding as a hallmark of our University. Including, not wearing white jeans, ever, even on a cruise.

You heard my call last year and worked diligently to help our students who are trying to graduate, and importantly, trying to adjust to their first year of college. Finally, a private citizen must be able to engage in reasoned debate with others.

But I also learned that when life sucks you under, you can kick against the bottom, break the surface and breathe again. News in the national university category.RBI governor Raghuram Rajan delivered an inspiring speech at the convocation address at Shiv Nadar University in Delhi. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.” Six inspiring convocation speeches.

You Say You Want a Devolution? For most of the last century, America’s cultural landscape—its fashion, art, music, design, entertainment—changed dramatically every 20 years or so. For most of the last century, America’s cultural landscape—its fashion, art, music, design, entertainment—changed dramatically every 20 years or so.

Convocation Address 2018

Convocation Address ; Good afternoon, everyone. I welcome each and every one of you to this Convocation which marks the opening of Academic Year Welcome all first-year and transfer students, as well as our international students who have come from around the world to earn a degree or to study with us for a semester or for a.

Upon this, my fourth convocation address, I will be reviewing the past year’s accomplishments, talk about the challenges ahead and discuss new initiatives that I hope you will help me address this year. While I have much I want to say to you today, I want to address something that.

Convocation Address at Sewanee February 10, Here is the text of Eric’s speech at the Easter Convocation of University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. Convocation Address Freeman A. Hrabowski, III President, UMBC coincidentally, I was just beginning college in Virginia as a nerdy 15 year old.

Rosa T. Sheng’s convocation address to the Class of 2018

I remember the Convocation speaker saying to our class, “Look to your left; look to your right; one of you will not graduate.” We want you to set high expectations for yourselves.

Convocation address be who you want
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