Disney s beauty and the beast a

True to the original story, Maurice is imprisoned by the Beast for taking a rose from his garden instead of being caught trespassing in the castle.

However, he is unable to make it to the fair due to getting lost in the woods. Belle arrives back in time to vindicate Maurice, but both are locked in the asylum wagon while the whole village goes to kill the Beast.

After going down a path that results in the loss of his horse and cart, and being attacked and nearly killed by a pack of rabid wolveshe winds up at the gate of a dark castle. He only makes a cameo in Beauty and the Beast: Upon his return, Maurice attempts to have Gaston arrested for attempted murder, but Gaston in turn declares him insane and has him committed to an insane asylum.

During the beginning of the movie, he is working on a machine that automatically chops up firewood.

He is last seen in the ballroom standing by Mrs. Knowing that Belle has no interest in marrying Gaston, Maurice refuses her hand, prompting Gaston to leave him to die at the hands of the wolves.

The Enchantress, disguised as a villager named Agathe, rescues him and takes him back to Villeneuve. At the end of the movie, Maurice is seen painting the ballroom dance as everyone celebrates.

She then tries to convince the Beast to release him from the castle.

Maurice returns to Villeneuve to find help, but only Gaston and LeFou are willing to do so. Belle learns of what happened and goes to the castle, attempting to release her father. In the live-action remakeMaurice is played by Kevin Kline. Maurice is forcibly taken back to the village.

The Enchanted Christmas as one of the people listening to the story Mrs.

He remains as an inventor, but makes music boxes to help Belle see the world from the comfort of home in the village of Villeneuve. Maurice and Belle leave for the castle to stop Gaston from killing the Beast.

Shortly after arriving back home, Le Fou has alerted the villagers of their return. However, most of the villagers think he is insane for crafting devices believed ridiculous and impossible to construct in reality.

Determined to not give up on Belle, he decides to return to the castle alone.Disney Beauty and The Bea has been added to your Cart. This article lists information of fictional characters from Disney's Beauty and the Beast franchise, covering the animated film, its direct to video followup, a short story collection, the stage musical adaptation, and the live-action and computer animation remake.

Disney s beauty and the beast a
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