Features and advantages of having a student web portal essay

A student web portal would collect these campus services and functions into a single website, making it easy for students to find and use online services, and thus increasing the likelihood that the University can attain the strategic goals laid out in the e-Berkeley Initiative.

We were also charged with presenting three possible user interfaces, and recommend names for the Berkeley student web portal.

Roughly 70 percent of student respondents said a portal would make their lives easier. A portal would not make much of an impact on their lives unless the University builds these other applications either concurrently with or prior to a web portal.

And there was no common model for the management of content once the portal was deployed. Other institutions that have successfully deployed student web portals reported that their portal development project encouraged the development and integration of existing and new systems, and pushed data owners to think about which audiences they want to reach, what services they want to offer, and how to best package information and applications.

These groups want a portal that is easy to use; that is secure and protects student privacy; and that is linked to a roles database so that information can be targeted to particular groups of students. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

We used a combination of surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one interviews to gather information from Berkeley students, faculty, and staff, and from key personnel at other institutions that have operational student portals. Students immediately began using these portals in high numbers, even though the portals were still works in progress at the time of launch.

Students are satisfied with the ways that portals make it easier to conduct campus business, and portals heighten student expectations of other campus online services. Our project team was asked to report on why the University should develop such a student web portal; interview Berkeley students, staff, and faculty to assess their level of interest in a portal and ensure that those who develop the portal understand the features these stakeholders feel a portal should have; investigate best practices at other Universities that have already deployed student web portals; and suggest management models for the portal project.

They would be able to customize the portal to their own liking, adding or deleting links to internal websites, internal news channels aimed at particular groups of students, and external information such as sports, weather, entertainment, etc.

Berkeley students, and the staff who deliver services to them, are very excited by the possibilities a student web portal offers. The roles database is crucial to the success of a portal, as it will allow students, staff and faculty with similar interests to identify each other. More essays like this: We found no common model for managing the development process as a whole.internet benefits students Essay; internet benefits students Essay.

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This essay will evaluate the advantages. Using the Internet in Education – Strengths and Weaknesses advantages as well as disadvantages of the use of the Internet in a formal educational context. The Student and student teachers' opinions of the use of the Internet Advantages Of Web Applications Computer Science Essay.

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Features and Advantages of Having a Student Web Portal Essay Sample

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Features and advantages of having a student web portal essay
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