Fremount high school

They had 3 state champions that year and 2 of them went on to compete internationally. The strategy is supported by the superintendent, Ramon C. Please discuss further on the talk page. Black students made up 3. Fremont High School was one of the first schools in the United States to have been divided into a "small school" or "academy".

The 9th graders on each Track will have their own Center, with students each. The poetry slam team has won numerous awards at spoken word poetry competitions. Seventy-five percent of those representatives became finalists at those international competitions.

The purpose of the small school is to allow personalization of instruction, due to the concern that students may become academically lost in a large, or augmented, campus.

Cortinesand the U. In Septemberonly four SLCs remained, and the school switched over to a block schedule system instead of the track system. Asian students comprised Secretary of EducationArne Duncan. Fremont High School school code: All communities have students of all grade levels.

The original buildings are built in a Spanish mission architectural style. Each of the thirteen Small Learning Communities SLCsaveraging students each, is given a section of the school campus, and most of the classes take place in that section. Init opened in rooms of the Sunnyvale Grammar School as the only high school in the Sunnyvale — Cupertino West Valley area, and then moved to a temporary building after purchase of the school site in Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

The school Fremount high school was designed in by noted California school architect W. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

As of July 6,when the school undergoes reconstitution, the thirteen SLCs will be dissolved and in their place will be six Academies of students each on the three Tracks, consisting of grades 10, 11, and May Learn how and when to remove this template message The Los Angeles Unified School District will shut down the school, dismiss all of its staff, and reopen from scratch.

With the reduction of students due to the construction of the South Region schools, the school felt it would be able accommodate the students more efficiently with a block schedule.

Weeksafter the necessary bond referendum passed on the third attempt. Fremont High School DECA has a variety of outstanding achievements, having over hours of community service as a whole for the school year more than all other Fremont clubs combined and having sent numerous competitors to represent at the international competitive level.

The students of this small school would have the majority of classes in those two floors. For example, one of the small schools might be assigned classes on the first and second floors of the main building.

History[ edit ] Fremont first opened in Three classroom buildings that were added in the s on the Fremont Avenue side are to be demolished and replaced with new instructional and administrative space also in mission style, creating a quadrangle.The School of Medical Science and Agriculture (MESA) at John C.

Fremont High School is in partnership with Los Angeles Southwest College and is currently offering dual enrollment Health Occupation courses at Fremont to a cohort of 36 students. Fremont High School is a co-educational, public high school in Sunnyvale, California, United mint-body.comt is currently the only open public high school located in the city of Sunnyvale and is part of the Fremont Union High School District (FUHSD).


In this city, Fremont High School is known as a friendly school, with an eight hour schedule. Jonathan Kozol visited Fremont high during the spring of An eight foot high fence with spikes on the top, are what separate Fremont High from the city.

We, the staff of John C. Fremont Junior High School, dedicate ourselves to promoting high academic achievement while providing a safe environment in which students are empowered to reach their intellectual, creative, physical and social potential. My experiences with Fremont’s academic, cultural and extracurricular diversity were instrumental to writing the chapters of my high school story, providing me the keys to unlock doors to scholastic and career success.

Fremont is one of seven OUSD schools chosen to participate in Alameda CTC’s student transit pass program for the upcoming School Year. This program will provide ALL students with free, year-round AC Transit bus passes.

Fremount high school
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