How to write an editorial lesson plans

If there is a group activity in the lesson, write down about how many students should be in each group because two to four students is a lot different than five to ten.

Have each student select a topic, and then research and write a rough draft of an editorial. How will you close and wrap up this editorial?

Was the editorial written persuasively? Revise and strengthen the writing as necessary. Was Paul Bunyan practicing ecological stewardship by logging the Pacific Northwest and then carelessly carving out the Grand Canyon?

With your students, review the differences between facts and opinions. This online tool helps students learn the parts of a letter while publishing their own. If the production activity does not take up the remaining portion of the class period, you have a backup plan.

Reason 1 and support Be sure to use facts and not just opinions. Teach your kids how to write an editorial, and then apply the format to any number of literary genres! It is best to be flexible seeing as different classes will respond to material differently.

The idea behind a lesson plan is that another teacher could pick it up and successfully teach your class without further instructions.

In your opinion, do you think this editorial was persuasive? Then have them number their facts in the order of importance that would be most convincing to an audience.

Persuading an Audience: Writing Effective Letters to the Editor

Have your students research their selected topics further. If you enjoyed this article, please help spread it by clicking one of those sharing buttons below.

Teaching Guide: Writing Lesson Plans

An editorial supported only by opinions would not be highly persuasive to a reader, as it lacks authority. This activity should only take up a small portion of your lesson, perhaps five minutes.

Or perhaps an opinion piece on American tall tales! This may take about ten minutes including going over the answers or having some demonstrations. Collect these paper slips, mix them into a bowl or box, and pull out one slip at a time. Remind them that an opinion is a belief held by a person, whereas a fact is a specific statement which can be proven true.

Students can use this handout to help them summarize a newspaper article they have read.Writing out your lesson plan can also help you figure out what material you must prepare for a lesson because if your production activity will only take about ten minutes, then you are obviously going to need an additional activity to end the class with.

Oct 05,  · 10 Ways to Teach Argument-Writing With The New York Times.

How to Write an Editorial: Your Students' Opinions Matter!

our lesson plan, and write a concise editorial ( words or less) to convince readers of your point of view. ReadWriteThink couldn't publish all of this great content without literacy experts to write and review for us.

If you've got lessons plans, videos, activities, or other ideas you'd like to contribute, we'd love to hear from you. Find the latest in professional publications, learn new techniques and. Lesson plans are the bread and butter of good elementary school teaching.

Here are some quick tips for writing a solid and clear lesson plan. How to Write a Lesson Plan. How to Write a Magazine Article Lesson Plan.

Chapter 5 / Lesson 8. Lesson; Course; Start Your Free Trial Today How to Write an Opinion Essay; Go to Writing for the Media Lesson Plans & Projects. ASNE Lesson Plans for Opinion and Review Writing. Day One Opinion Writing Lesson – Day One Opinion Writing PowerPoint – Day One Editorial Policy Builder.

How to write an editorial lesson plans
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