Human resource management of nokia

Strategic human resource management plays an important role in assisting business strategy to comply with government policies. It is a public limited liability company listed on the Helsinki, Frankfurt, and New York stock exchanges.

How should Nokia best utilize the available resources? Nokia HRM should be able to plan adequate methods to be able to comply with the minimum wage requirements. Innovation from inside the firm is the norm for most engineering based software development companies.

Nokia did not realise how quickly the industry would change and the new eco system of mobile apps would sweep it across. Equal opportunities Employers like Nokia have to comply with the UK laws for equal opportunities and the companies have to make sure that their HR policies are not discriminating against certain group of people.

Many talented students are just kicked out of the country just because of their visa status, even if the companies want to hire them as they bring fresh ideas into the company. Social Media Social Media is going to play a huge role in next 2 years for Nokia.

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HR needs to be fully aware of the trends in the online social media and be proactive in this space. Headhunting new talent Recruiting bright talented people from across the world that brings fresh ideas to Nokia is one of the key responsibilities of HR. Google has a very flat management structure and engineers generally have to report to just the project managers.

Efficient human resource management HRM is responsible for the attraction, selection, training, assessment, and rewarding of employees, while also overseeing organizational leadership and culture, and ensuring compliance with employment and labour laws.

Human Resource Practices Of Nokia

All of these are pertinent questions and it depends on the SHRM policies weather this could be achieved. Given the prominence of engineers at Nokia, particular attention is needed in providing unique development opportunities for this group.

In tough economic times, companies need to move forward while keeping their eyes on the global threats that might affect them. However, the business implications of such rewards are very limited as compared to their market situation. Starting from right staffing to maintaining performing employees, HR management is a key in developing Human resource management of nokia only the employees, but the whole organization itself.

To achieve these goals it is necessary to understand the linkage between HRM and business strategy and make sure that the HRM strategy is in line with the business strategy.

Most companies have to go thorough government approval to undergo merger and acquisitions. The company would have to reposition itself in the market at the same time it faces fierce competition from various companies from china which are producing low priced competitive phones.

Nokia is witnessing a global market share of Nokia has setup a completely different department of workforce planning and recruitment www.

When HR Planning is applied properly in the field of HR Management, it would assist to address the following questions: Training Human resources have a main function in providing training to the staff. This would require strategic human resource planning to continuously support the company by adopting various SHRM policies and the pursuing with them for a sustained period.

This created a difficult situation for Nokia which did not adopted to this innovation in the mobile industry. Nokia as an organization have to be equipped to handle the recession because of its brand name, reputation and market share.

Nokia use to be at the fore front of innovation in mobile industry and it had a huge market share of mobile phones for at least a decade. Strategic human resource management contribute to organizational effectiveness in multiple ways like 1.

Many companies when then want to expand or setup a new business they have to take into consideration the government laws that affect the human resource policy. There is an opportunity for potential new leadership, implementation of lateral thinking, visioning and innovation style at Nokia.The Human Resources Policy applies to all employees (part-time/ full-time, on fixed or permanent employment) of Nokia Group entities.

It does not apply to External Temporary Labor (agency workers or. Human Resource Policies of Nike. Occupational Health and Safety 9) Management systems Working @ Nokia Promises You Documents Similar To HR Practices at NOKIA.

recruitment process of NOKIA. Uploaded by. Nafisa Anjum. Human Resource Policies of Nike. Uploaded by. Palmodi.5/5(3). Nokia: Human Resource Management (HR) – Personnel management To maintain a healthy, successful and efficient environment Nokia collaborates with its employees under the main goal to create an environment for all its employees where they can fulfill their potential.

a) Understanding the events at Nokia (emerging from the strategic decision), explain the importance and purposes of strategic human resource management for Nokia (, ) Strategic human resource management is the process of linking the human resource function with the strategic objectives of the organization in order to improve.

The most downloaded articles from Human Resource Management Review in the last 90 days. Strategic human resource management emphases on human resource programme of Nokia that has long term objectives.

It is focusing on internal human resource issues as well as on addressing and solving problems that effect management programs in the long term. so the main goal of strategic human.

Human resource management of nokia
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