My nightmare

The conclusion of the song leaves the ending open to the listener. The music attempts to portray a child creating lullabies at his piano.

He watches himself as a young boy being My nightmare by an alcoholic father and an abused mother.

The song contains a My nightmare of the guitar riff from " Welcome to My Nightmare " around the 3-minute mark and a brief guitar riff at various points that is reminiscent of "The Black Widow" from the original Nightmare album.

In this case, "The Underture" feature themes and music from the two Nightmares. The boy eventually snaps, and plans on murdering his father by putting one "right between his eyes.

Cooper decided to rework the song so it had no chorus; the track consists of only verse.

Songs[ edit ] Cooper began writing songs for the album during summerand by July there were a total of three songs completed. Country music star Vince Gill plays lead guitar on this song.

In this song, Alice is introduced to the devil, his female guide in Hell the same from "What Baby Wants". Originally titled "My Favorite Mutation. Small parts of the song seem to mirror the rhythm of the chorus to "Black Widow".

Is he actually dead, left to forever live his nightmare, or is this taunt just another part of the dream? Sitting in a cubicle in a nine-to-five job. During this time, ambient sounds play in the background of the beep. It captures an era. Cooper has said that a Big Bopper -like voice helped influence the chorus.

Ezrin convinced Cooper to put it on the album because it was "the prettiest song they had ever written. The guitar solo at the end of the song, played by John 5is representative of disco being overtaken by rock.

The dark ambient song starts out with the sound of a heart rate monitor that beeps every couple of seconds making the heart rate approximately 22 beats per minute.

At the end of the solo, a man supposedly the abusive father is heard faintly yelling out "Steven", the main character from the original Nightmarehinting the fact he is the main character in this album as well.

The song was made available only on the fan pack and Best Buy release. The song parallels "Cold Ethyl" from the original Nightmare in that Alice is singing to the pieces of a corpse which seems to make sense in the nightmare.Welcome to My Nightmare is the eighth studio album by Alice Cooper, released in March It is Alice Cooper's first solo album (all previous Alice Cooper releases were band efforts), and his only album for the Atlantic Records label.

Welcome to My Nightmare is a concept mint-body.comer: Bob Ezrin. Welcome 2 My Nightmare (also known as Welcome to My Nightmare 2) is the 26th studio album by Alice Cooper, released in September Peaking at No.

22 in the Billboard it is Cooper's highest-charting album in the US since 's Rock, hard rock, heavy metal, art rock.

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My nightmare
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