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Malaysia was fourth in the region in after Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. This time around, the theme was Promote visit malaysia year Malaysia. A speaker told a forum in January the Visit Malaysia Year campaign is "making a mockery of Malaysian society," something for which the people are not socially prepared.

Appointed mascot was Wira the orangutan, representing an endangered species of ape found only in Borneo and Sumatra.

It is comfortably cushioned by an array of resources and is developing manufacturing to supplement exports of natural rubber, palm oil, cocoa, pepper, tropical hardwoods, tin, petroleum and natural gas. Sightseers can watch rubber trees being tapped and monkeys helping harvest coconuts from tall palms.

Chauvinists immediately demanded the names be reversed to give culture precedence over selling the country to foreigners for profit, something that might be tolerated but not particularly liked.

Both social dictates and Islam enjoin Malaysians to treat guests better than themselves. The place is Malaysia" together with its successful and impactful slogan "Malaysia Truly Asia". In Borneo, they can spend the night in the longhouses of former headhunters.

Visit Malaysia Year is septennial event. To enable tourists to easily recognize Malaysia, the orang utan, the endangered species found in East Malaysia was used as a mascot and it was named Wira.

She posed semi-nude for Playboy magazine last year, Kuala Lumpur newspapers reported, and an official said her presence was "against the values and norms of the local culture.

Efforts were also intensified in all advertising and promotional activities, including the call for action "The time is now. Officials were not amused when comedian Steve Martin, an announcer on the Academy Awards telecast in March, told an international live audience: There are unspoiled jungles, spectacular coral, clean beaches and hill resorts above the tropical heat.

While the culture has no tradition of tourism, it does put a premium on hospitality. VMY maintained its words "Fascinating Malaysia" for the theme but injected a punch line "Naturally More" to reflect more exciting things and events lined up for that year. Before the campaign began, tourism promoters worried that Malaysia had no readily identifiable image abroad, except perhaps as the country that had sentenced people to death for drug trafficking since and hanged 84 so far.

Tourism Malaysia

Malaysia Truly Asia Visit Malaysia Year Malaysia welcomes almost 25 million tourists annually, and for good reason — our colourful, multi-cultural and multi-religious nation is a multi-faceted gem that lures as much with her quiet graces and natural attractions as her wild, crazy ones.

One resort has a casino. The campaign was a huge success with Malaysia charting 7.

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Last year Visit Malaysia Year attracted more than 28 million visitors. The Proboscis Monkey had been chosen as the mascot while the promotional campaign has started in with a series of year-long special events and activities leading to VMY This means a rise of 3. One million foreign visitors arrived in the first three months ofdesignated Visit Malaysia Year, more than double the same period of Naturally More" with Malaysia offers distinctive Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures along with the architectural heritage of its Portuguese, Dutch and British colonizers.

Hence, the theme "Celebrating 50 years of Nationhood" was most befitting to reflect this important anniversary celebration. There are limits, however. All in all, VMY charted a tremendous success beyond expectations with The numbers may not be large compared to renowned vacation spots, but are impressive for a place that almost had to be coaxed into putting out the welcome mat.

Malaysia remained aloof for years while its neighbors wooed frees-pending foreigners. The official target for the year is more than 4.Visit Malaysia Year, launched with much hoopla inwas designed to attract foreigners and get them to stay longer, foster the arts and culture and encourage locals to.

KUALA LUMPUR: The newly-unveiled logo to promote the Visit Malaysia Year campaign has drawn widespread sneers and jeers on the Internet. Play an important role to promote tourism mint-body.comity of cultures and customs of local people can also attract many tourists come to our mint-body.comal performances is one of the list set in the tourist diary as an attraction for them to visit our country 2.

People in Malaysia. KUALA LUMPUR: The newly-unveiled logo to promote the Visit Malaysia Year campaign has drawn widespread sneers and jeers on the Internet.

'Visit Malaysia Year' Sees Tourism Boost

Many netizens have mocked the logo as they feel that it is of poor design for such an important programme to promote the country. Malaysians should take more time to explore the amazing attractions or sites that Malaysia has to offer.

The Malaysian Inbound Tourism Association (MITA) organises a yearly travel fair to. Visit Malaysia Year is septennial event. Last year Visit Malaysia Year attracted more than 28 million visitors.

"To know Malaysia is to love Malaysia" and million tourists.

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Promote visit malaysia year
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