The major causes of desertification of the earth

Predictably, this leads to mass migration from the region to more biologically productive areas, or to cities. Though of course there was also a fair bit of admixture as well.

These, now barren, unprotected dry-surfaces result in the washing and blowing away of the top — and most fertile — layers of soil. A great many of the regions deforested in previous ages thousands of years ago remain as severely degraded wastelands or deserts to this day.

Without the plants especially the trees around, the rest of the biome cannot thrive. Overgrazing is the major cause of desertification worldwide. In addition, desertification has been a major driver behind the historical movement of large populations of humans — which obviously plays into the collapse of civilizations.

Urbanization and other types of land development. Much of the food that Romans ate during this time was actually imported from this region owing to its great agricultural productivity as compared to the depleted Roman soils of the time. With the loss of their environment, most simply disappear — or, at the least, see a huge drop in their genetic diversity.

What is Desertification?

When areas start to become desert, animals and people will go to other areas where they can actually thrive. Water erosion and reduced soil conservation in semi-arid Burkina Faso negatively affects ecosystem services Source: Rainwater results from the condensation of water evaporated by sunlight.

Sincethis method to reforest degraded landscape has been applied with some success in Niger. Freshwater scarcity, which already affects billion people globally, is expected to increase, causing greater stresses in drylands and ultimately a worsening of desertification. African drylands which include the Sahara, the Kalahariand the grasslands of East Africa span 20 million square km about 7.

Grazing livestock sometimes consume plants down to the ground. Livestock are frequently moved to new grazing areas before they cause permanent damage to the plants and soil of any one area.

Desertification Top 10 List

They were widely encouraged by development agencies from the middle of the s in the Sahel area of Africa. One less difficult solution that has been proposed, [49] however controversial it may be, is to bring about a cap on the population growth, and in fact to turn this into a population decay, so that each year there will gradually exist fewer and fewer humans who require the land to be depleted even further in order to grow their food.

Water scarcity in drylands limits the production of wood, crops, forage and other services that ecosystems provide to our community.Temporary Drought or Permanent Desert?

march of sand dunes through inhabited areas. Rather, it is the permanent degradation of previously fertile land.

Human causes of desertification include overgrazing, the buildup of salt in irrigated soils, and topsoil erosion. the seasons sweep north and south across Africa as plant growth rises. The following are many of the major causes of land degradation that have led to problems for our Earth.

As you read on, consider what ways humanity can do things differently to reverse this land degradation. Another major area that is being impacted by desertification is the Gobi Desert. Currently, the Gobi desert is the fastest moving desert on Earth; according to some researchers, the Gobi Desert swallows up over 1, square miles (3, km²) of land annually.

There is no consensus among researchers as to the specific causes, extent, or degree of desertification. Contrary to many popular reports, desertification is actually a subtle and complex process of deterioration that may often be reversible.

Studies using Landsat data help demonstrate the impact of people and animals on the Earth.

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However. Desertification Effects, Causes, And Examples List Desertification is a process of land-degradation by which a region becomes progressively drier and drier, Desertification has played a major part in much of recent human history (last 10, or so years).

all the fat and soft earth having wasted away, and only the bare framework of the.


The obvious causes of desertification and deforestation consist of major ecosystem changes, such as land conversion for various purposes, over- LAND USE, LAND COVER AND SOIL SCIENCES – Vol. V – Desertification and Deforestation in Africa - .

The major causes of desertification of the earth
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