The problem of genetically modified foods essay

This implies that after a sizable part of land that could be used for production of food crops is taken by coffee, farmers cannot use the revenues they get from coffee foods for their families Altieri and Rosset, GMOs are special organisms in which the genetic material has been altered for improvement productivity and product quality.

GMO contamination will occur once GM crops are cultivated. At the end, the solution narrows to reducing the total acreage under coffer and introduce food crops. Profit is an important driving force for the developed world, and agricultural exports make up a large portion of exports from the United States Borger, third paragraph.

The food problem is not about how yields increase, it is related to the fair distribution of food. Principles of Environmental science: Unless there are efforts to increase income or lower the cost of food, it will be difficult to fight hunger even with GM foods that are thought to be cheaper.

Nevertheless, the technology to modify genes has surpassed its practicality. Genetic engineering of food crops has the potential to affect the biodiversity of a region in effectively two ways. If this happened, the native grasses would be unable to compete and biodiversity would be lost in these regions.

The harmful effects that have raised up to now are that GMOs can cause food allergy reactions, indirect and non-traceble effects on cancer rate, unknown effects on human health and malfunction immune system.

For instance, according to the study conducted by Dr. In the developed world, maize corn is used for animal feeds while there are millions of people dying in developing world.

Efforts should therefore be geared towards tackling poverty which will make it possible for all people in developed and developing countries to afford foods. Statistics shows that there are more than one billion people, or a sixth of world population that live on less than one dollar a day.

Basically, the shift in agricultural use of lands in the world could have a larger implication on the ability of most countries to meet their food demand. It is possible that GE does not lead to increased food yield at national level although it may show increase production at experimental levels.

Foods like sorghum, yams, cassavas, and other traditional foods that were well adapted to the climate have been ignored in preference of modern food species. The problem is access to these foods.

All these facts may seem not very convincing, but besides the foregoing benefits of GM food, the risks are really strong and impacts are dangerous. There is a potential for the biodiversity to decrease because of gene transfers from one species to another, creating more powerful crops, which may take over the natural populations of weeds and grasslands.

Also, GM food is cold tolerant. But not all of us realize whether this food is healthy or harmful to our organism.

While this trend was set in early twentieth century when these crops had higher market value, they have continuous lost their market value and the income farmers get annually from an acreage of these crops is barely enough to meet the food needs of their families.

Europeans are the most aware of GM food, and are taking the necessary precautions and legislative actions to protect themselves against the use of GM food. In addition, there is still fear of mutation of common pest which means they will be able to attack these foods after a period of time, eventually brining the cost of food up.

Food shortage can also lead to a shift in source of foods. Another argument is that GM food does not benefit people, just large corporations that produce and sell them. Since GM crops are produced to be resistant to pesticides and herbicides, there is the possibility that they could invade wild grasslands and other places and prosper because of these special characteristics.

The people, who approve GM products, admit that they have enhanced quality and taste. Before the world thinks of going into trial and error method of food production through genetic engineering, there is need to redistribute the agricultural land to prioritize production of food value crops.

Also, All GM food must be labeled for protection nationals against potential risks of eating the foods. For example, organizations like Oxfam and others which have been fighting for ethical food production chains have exposed to the world how coffee farmer in Ethiopian Highlands have been exploited by middlemen who pocket all the profits while the farms languish in hunger year in year out.

The real reason of hunger and famine is the public are poverty, unequal division and limited foods in developing countries.

Genetically Modified Foods Will Not Solve the Problem of Hunger Essay Sample

The rate of population growth is higher than the rate of resource generation but this does not mean that the world has outgrown its capacity to provide food for the population. Since the demand for food is always increasing, the demand to produce more food at a faster rate requires the need for better biotechnology to be put into practice.

After Green Revolution, agriculture in many countries reorganized their own farming industry to increase productivity and tried to change to be the mechanization of agriculture and depended gradually on the petrochemical industry.

Genetic engineering may have contributed to only a half of increase in maize production in the country since it was commercialized in s Gurian-Sherman, Genetically Modified Foods Will Not Solve the Problem of Hunger Essay Sample Introduction Genetically modified foods (GM) have been emphasized as the solution to the problem of growing hunger problem in the world but this may be a misplaced conception because they may become a part of the problem rather than solving it (Eston, ).

The food you are eating is killing you. These foods are genetically enhanced to make them last longer taste better, and shield themselves from pests and weeds.

Genetically modified foods are in. Sample essay on genetically modified foods. GM food essay example. Genetically modified food essay topic. May 20,  · Nowadays a problem of genetically modified food is widespread all over the world.

GM foods are genetically modified using biotechnology. More and more GM foods appear on the shelves of our stores and supermarkets nowadays, and make their way into our kitchens. Arguments on genetically modified foods. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student.

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Essay: Is Genetically Modified Food Healthy?

You can view samples of our A common problem in third world countries is malnutrition with estimations of billion people being. Genetically Modified Organisms Essay; Genetically modified (GM) foods are plants and animals that have had their genetic makeup artificially altered by scientists to make them grow faster, taste better, last longer and to provide more nutrients.

Genetically Modified Organisms In the present day, if people were asked to name a.

The problem of genetically modified foods essay
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