Thesis social network influence on customer loyalty

By doing this study would like to know that people use the social networks only for the entertainment, enjoyment or they also search information when it comes to making the buying decision. People share their experience; give their opinions and suggestion about the places, products which has the influencing affect to other who are seeking for the information.

Consumers who had good or bad experience with the product tend to share their experience by giving review about the product and features on the social networking sites. Rationale of Study In the recent years the Social Networks has grown from the niche market to the mass market.

Brand reviews on Social Networks has influence on Purchase Intension of the customers Introduction In order to carry out this research basically 15 articles have been reviewed to get help for the research.

People are more relying on the Social network to communicate with friends and family and share the personal experience with the world.

Brand Reviews on Social Networks Has Influence on Purchase Intension of the Customers

Purchase intention means consumer will buy a product once again after she or he evaluates a product and finds out that the product worth buying.

The objectives of the research are as follow. In recent years use of Social networks like Facebook, Twitter has increased tremendously. Consumers rely on many sources while looking for the information before making purchase. They first read the features of the products but with that they also tend to read the reviews given by the user and this seems to have the great impact on their purchase intention.

These social networks are becoming popular and important platforms in terms of influencing the consumers purchase decision. These days purchase intention is getting more complicated and it is more significant for the consumers compare to past. Consumers usually tend to search for the information regarding the product they interested to buy before they actually go to the store and make the purchase.

The main purpose to carry out this research is to find out whether in reality the reviews given by the other consumer have the impact on the purchase intention of the other consumers who actually intent to buy the product.

This has the influencing effect on the other readers who have intention to buy the product as the consumers tend to trust peer consumers more than they trust e-marketing Lee,M. Also, a large number of external factors have been recognized, which can affect Purchase Intention Keller, With the increasing use of technology new trends like Social Networks also have taken place.

To develop the conceptual framework for this research the support of six research model have been taken.

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Even the people are more and more using the social networks sites and share their personal experience related to the products. People rely on the Social networks so much starting from the socializing to sharing experience to advertising their business.

Due the heavy use of the Social Networks the new marketing trend has started, that is companies are using the Social Network Platforms to reach their target consumers also they collect the information whether the customer are satisfied or not with the product through these platforms. Using theses platforms customers can easily post their reviews and comment about the product of companies.In this context, the purpose of this study is to explain how the social media marketing influence on customer loyalty towards clothing stores.

The information is useful to the Sri Lankan Apparel, Fashion retailers to adjust the current social media marketing practices. Brand Reviews on Social Networks Has Influence on Purchase Intension of the Customers This Research Paper Brand Reviews on Social Networks Has Influence on Purchase Intension of the Customers and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Dissertation SEPTEMBER, The influence of Social Media on consumers during their purchase decision-making process and the implications for marketers.

loyalty, create sales leads, and increase publicity through this medium. Furthermore, social media sites are being used for marketing research by both companies and customers (Casteleyn, Mottart, and Rutten, ); in addition, customers obtain investigate companies and brands on social media websites (Barnes, ).

important to increase customer loyalty and benefit of the firm (Khaligh et al. ). verified customer influence in terms of loyalty and satisfaction 2) measureable revenue development 3) enhanced information and perception attractive ways such as using social network.

Relationship Development According to Ford (), the study of. The influence of social media on consumer behavior: marketing through social media platforms may be more effective as people on the social media networks have certain trusts established in advance regardless of strong ties or weak ties.


Thesis social network influence on customer loyalty
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