What are canada s greatest achievements

According to the United Nations, Canada has been the best country in the world to live in for the five last years of the century. Thanks to the Canada Council and vision in their own communities, violinists, sculptors, film producers and Shakespearean actors made their country a contributor to worldwide culture.

That was the year prospectors found gold in the Klondike. David Hubel bornMontrealworked on this all through the 60s and 70s at Harvard, where he still is.

Most Canadians are embarrassed by boasting about their country. This needed more than a lot of dollars; it required dedicated classroom teachers, private generosity, parental sacrifice and a widespread conviction that all talents must be fostered, not just those born into privilege.

Our postwar affluence and a government with the courage to risk ridicule gave Canada a stake in high culture in the s, but we could build on what other great cultures had built.

Most of the really earth-shaking developments of the 19th century were barely visible inand that is also true for the 20th century.

Canadian achievements often have a bittersweet edge, reminding us how perceptions and politics divide us. This has allowed countless researchers around the world to develop special bacteria, plants and animals with new desirable qualities or abilites that either do not occur naturally or that would take years and years of trial and error breeding to achieve.

Helped by fibre optics, a largely home-grown invention, Canadians kept in touch by electronic mail, facsimile transmission or telephone calls at a tiny fraction of the price their ancestors would have paid.

We used that wealth to build modern cities, great universities, high culture and a way of life that squeezed out much of the social, racial, gender and religious bigotry long embedded in Canadian life. What Banting proved in was that a Canadian university could conduct world-class science, and a young Canadian from a small Ontario town could get the kind of education that helped him become as good as the best.

Throughout our history, the achievements that mattered most to Canadians were speeding the movement of people, goods and ideas across our enormous spaces and over obstacles that ranged from mountains to thousands of miles of muskeg.

Comaneci won five of her nine career Olympic medals inthough her iconic status came from being the first gymnast to ever score a perfect 10, which she achieved seven times under the watchful eyes of the legendary hockey ghosts of the Montreal Forum.

The Art of the Great Media Interview

And we used wartime to mobilize people and resources for the huge manufacturing economy that gave us unprecedented postwar wealth. This list was compiled with the greatest of great apologies in no particular order to Muhammad Ali, Javier Sotomayor, Bob Beamon, Larisa Latynina, George Eyser, Saori Yoshida and countless others who achieved incredible individual sporting feats.

InCanadians needed a week to cross their country; bythanks to aircraft, most of us could reach the remotest corner of the globe in a day, and some of us have shot into outer space.

List of Canadian inventions

This means figuring out where in the cerebral cortex different vision processing tasks take place: No self respecting astronomer looks through telescopes with their eyeballs anymore because CCDs are something like to times more sensitive than a human retina.

They use data continuously provided by numerous orbiting satellites and thousands of Earth based stations.

Top 10 all-time individual achievements in sport

This suggests that the question is not simply tapping knowledge of recent history but also value preferences. If you did, the U. Once embroiled in a struggle we had not sought, Canada created a powerful field army, the third largest navy and the fourth largest air force in the world, and sent them to serve with allies in a worldwide struggle against cruel dictatorships.

Canadian Achievements, Records & Firsts

The BlackBerry - invented by Mike Lazaridis. Pipelines and high voltage transmission lines delivered energy to Canadian towns and cities and to foreign customers. The Canadarm - used on the Space Shuttle.

Science and medicine Calcium carbide A process for extracting medicinal insulin was invented by Frederick BantingCharles Best and James Collip Plant and animal breeders rely on naturally occuring beneficial mutations that result in improved plants and animals.

The Java programming language - invented by James Gosling. Alkaline battery was invented by Lewis Urry in Discovery of the t-cell receptor, a key to the understanding of the human immune system: Several astute chocolate candy aficionados have since written to tell us the treat was invented in the UK.

For instance, Smith became a multimillionaire by creating a special "designer yeast" that produces human insulin. Despite all the obstacles of language, unfamiliarity and home-grown prejudice, the great majority always did well—often better than people with deeper roots.


The higher dimensions e. The 50th anniversary of our National Flag in allows Canadians to reflect on our flag and what it represents — a strong, proud and free country.

Top ten canadian scientific achievements

Still other Canadians have made a world mark as authors, musicians, artists and intellectuals.One of our distinctives as Canadians is that we don’t do violence.

We don’t do hatred, either. We find our way through, to the amazement of people elsewhere. Another way to say the same thing is: one of our greatest achievements is how boring we.

Humility isn’t the only problem in choosing Canada’s great 20th century achievements. We need a little perspective. Most of the really earth-shaking developments of the 19th century were barely visible inand that is also true for the 20th century.

10, The world's largest non-nuclear peacetime explosion 10, Largest National Park in Canada 10, The world's largest man made non nuclear wartime explosion. Romania’s Nadia Comaneci’s greatest athletic achievement was realized inside a Canadian hockey institution at Montreal Comaneci won five of her nine career Olympic medals inthough her iconic status came from being the first gymnast to ever score a perfect 10, which she achieved seven times under the watchful eyes of.

Canadian inventions are items, processes, or techniques which owe their existence either partially or entirely to a person born in Canada, a citizen of Canada or a company or organization based in Canada. Jul 24,  · Though I do agree with cjones, the one engineering achievement of the twentieth century, which proved to save many lives and is still in use today, with little or no change, is the aqua-hydraulic spill way for mint-body.com: Resolved.

What are canada s greatest achievements
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