Why obama won the 2008 election

Mr Obama realised during the primary contest that he had developed an extremely broad donor base, which he could keep going back to for money.

Domestic policy and the economy eventually emerged as the main themes in the last few months of the election campaign after the onset of the economic crisis. America needs to change. This run would be his second attempt at the presidency. Typefaces[ edit ] The signature campaign typeface was Gothamtypically using capital letters with occasional use of the script Snell Roundhand.

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How was this relatively inexperienced politician from Illinois able to defeat an experienced veteran like John McCain? He teaches and conduct research on public opinion, voting, and political ideology. Among those voters who strongly disapproved of Bush, McCain only tallied 16 percent of the vote.

Fully half of all voters strongly disapproved of the way Bush is handling his job. Data gathered from the website indicated who the most dedicated constituents were; the website tracked how often a person visited and when.

A major problem for McCain was widespread negative feelings toward President Bush. In the end, Democrats coalesced around Obama, giving him 90 percent of their vote.

During the presidential election campaign, the major-party candidates ran on a platform of change and reform in Washington.

A crafty veteran move from a rookie of sorts. That, along with a slight majority of independents, provided him with the support he needed to win the election. It may not be surprising that African-Americans turned out in large numbers to help elect the first black president in U.

Another group of voters - Hispanics - also gave Obama a major boost. Many feared that the worsening economic conditions would affect them personally.

Why Obama Won

What always separated Mr Obama from the pack of his fellow Democrats during the primaries, and from John McCain later, was the vast scale of the enthusiasm he unleashed. Masterful operation In some swing states in the final weeks of the campaign, he was outspending Mr McCain by a ratio of four to one.

Army of helpers With the help of Facebook founder Chris Hughes - who devised an innovative internet fundraising system - the campaign eventually attracted more than three million donors.Two years ago, Barack Obama was barely a blip on America's political radar.

But, with a brilliant, disciplined campaign, a vast amount of money and a favourable political climate, the junior senator from Illinois has risen to the most powerful job in the world.

The second major reason he won, both the primaries and the general election, is that he built, by his own admission, perhaps the most formidable campaign organisation in US political history. Jun 12,  · Barack Obama won the presidential election by a 2 to 1 margin collecting electoral votes to John Mccain's When he began his presidential journey Obama was a popular personality within his party but a relative unknown across the country yet he was able to pull off an amazing victory over a seasoned mint-body.coms: McCain won Nebraska but Obama earned an electoral vote by winning the popular vote in the 2nd Congressional District.

This marked the first time that Nebraska has split its electoral vote since it moved away from the winner-take-all method in After trailing Republicans for many election cycles in their use of micro-targeting, the Obama campaign was the first Democratic presidential campaign to benefit from the existence of a.

The United States presidential election of was the 56th quadrennial presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 4, Obama won the entire Northeast by comfortable margins and the Great Lakes states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota by double digits.

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Why obama won the 2008 election
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