Work experience in philippine coconut authority

We believe that sustainability is the future. We exert effort in continuously developing our people so they may realize their full potential and cultivate our organization as one.


It is here, alongside our properly-trained and educated coconut farmers, where we source the best coconuts in the country for organic products of the highest quality. We contract banana and coconuts from independent farmers certified under our organic program. These farmers and barangays are part of our company and we are part of their community.

Many regions in the Philippines have abundant coconut trees, providing our people with healthy food and drinks. We believe in empowering independent farmers and giving them a financial boost while encouraging them to plant and sustain the growth of only quality coconuts and bananas.

In our own way, we wish to give back to the community of farmers that nurture, harvest and protect the mountains of Leyte by providing them with organic fertilizers. Simpler, faster anti-poverty services".

Our products have not come in contact with fertilizers or pesticides and follow global organic standards. She also hails from Candelaria, Quezon and worked in the petroleum trading companies: Design and package a product as needed by your brand and subject to your approval.

As reports in the retail industry indicate, a strong presence in the retail industry of private label brands is essential not only for big supermarket chains, but also for smaller players to demonstrate their commitment to quality and value.

The Code was later revised on June 11, by P. This Decree was the first codification of the laws dealing with the development of the coconut and other palm oil industry.

Philippine Coconut Authority

The attachment was confirmed and incorporated in the Administrative Code of Eight years agohe established his own petroleum trading company and his own oil mill. BRAND Private Labeling To take advantage of the SC Global quality and our expertise in coconut products, we offer a range of options for food and oil companies, health and beauty entrepreneurs and retail chains, allowing them to produce natural and organic coconut products under their own brand names.

This is why we look forward to working with companies that are one step ahead with visions that surpass profitability and at the same time, look towards the growth and good of every individual. We conduct regular training to keep our farmers informed about the organic system.

As we extend our organic practices from our farms to homes around the globe, we stay committed to the same ideals. Our marketing department is always ready to listen to your queries and suggestions. We also ensure that our farmers are trained and updated on organic farming techniques, so as to ensure their ongoing improvement and the best quality coconuts for our clients.

Manufacture, and package a product and have it ready to be shipped to your warehouse or stores, ready for selling. But these agencies lacked singleness in its purpose. On January 30,pursuant to Executive Order No. In SC Global, we can provide many options to assist our private label clients in meeting their desired needs.

Retrieved July 4, This way, we can ensure quality from beginning until end. For the past years, we have been doing business with numerous like-minded companies from different countries.

Upon setting up this neighborhood business, he came across an opportunity to enter the petroleum industry by opening a gas station right by the entrance to the province. Philippine Coconut Authority pca.

The framework upon which they operated did not revolve around the total development of the coconut industry where coconut farmers stood at the focal point.

In this land, SC Global is perpetuating ecological balance while achieving corporate targets and fulfilling socio-cultural obligations. FIS Because we are committed to our clients and organic farming, our company uses the latest technology in tracking where each coconut is sourced.

Our coconut farms and banana plantations adhere strictly to organic practices.

The declaration of transfer to DA from the Office of the President was enacted to provide overall coordination and monitoring of policies and programs of various sectors in agriculture. Star-K is one of the premier kosher certification agencies on the international scene today.

SGS in the Philippines not only services the quality assurance and risk management needs of business, it also provides back office support for the global SGS network. It is a corporation that moves forward with continuous improvement, relying on its people and its learning from the past to shape its bright future as a pioneer in the industry.

He has 2 decades experience in both industries.Philippine Coconut Authority Official Website. PCA’s statement on copra price fluctuation The fluctuation of domestic copra price is cyclical and this is beyond the control of the PCA or any government agency. What is virgin coconut oil (VCNO)?

VIRGIN COCONUT OIL may be defined as the naturally processed, chemically-free and additive-free product. a nd the photos below the IT and at the same time the computer technician in the Philippine Coconut Authority teaching me some tips on how to trace the problem about the monitor of the computer if there is an malfunction or any problem about the monitor.

Quezon City, 06 May – The Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) is calling on the National Biofuels Board (NBB) to raise to five percent the Coco Methyl Ester (CME) content of biodiesel currently sold in the domestic market.

Philippine Coconut Authority- CAPIZ. likes. Coconut Industry in Capiz. How the government touch the lives of coconut farming communities in the. According to Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA), coconut industry is the dominant sector of Philippine Agriculture. The Philippine Coconut Industry is one of the top 5 net foreign exchange earners with the average of US $M per year.

Work Experience in Philippine Coconut Authority Essay.

Work experience in philippine coconut authority
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