Write a short essay explaining the different sociological approaches to health and ill health

Talcott Parson defined ill health as being a type of deviance and ill individuals need to perform it as a type of a social role which is the sick role. Disability and Impairment Disability is seen as physical and social barrier to access opportunities to have a normal life.

It has to deal with the wellness of an individual which involves working to become fit and reach to the best of their ability of their physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual health. Case Study — M1 Mohammed and Sonia have five young children. This became a common approach in sociology of illness.

Individuals need to think of new ways of accessing healthcare provisions and perhaps even explore non traditional options such as alternative medicine. Sonia suffers from asthma and her father has bronchitis. Conclusion Overall, I have seen the different explanations each sociological explanation has which defines health and ill health and has looked at the different concepts of health.

To apply this to health and social care profession, they would challenge the claims made by health mad social care professionals. Also liaising with other health care professionals especially doctors, nurses etc.

You will need to come to your own conclusion about each models usefulness in the above situation and decide which is the most helpful approach. You will also need to consider the strengths and weaknesses of the bio-medical and socio-medical models of health.

Medicine should be paid more attention to the function of the medicinal process and the experience of illness and the state the individual is in.

This is similar to the biomedical model of health and illness. Impairment looks at the individual and brings the day to day restriction that emerges due to a long term physical or mental condition e. Health is important as health is wanted and has consequences for promoting health.

The Marxist approach The Marxist approach stated that the definition of health and illness and health and social care services, this provides the interest of the higher social class. In other words, they challenge or deconstruct the claims made by certain theories.

Sociology and Sociological Perspectives Essay

The Feminist approach Feminist writers have focused on this male domination of the medical and the adverse impact this has had on women.

Postmodernist view of health Health and illness is a growing concern in postmodern societies. The Functionalist approach This approach considers how health and illness is looked at from the work of Talcott Parsons.

This is also underlined under the World Health Organisation definition of health. Parsons stated that in order for society to work effectively and efficiently, individuals need to be healthy.

Individuals that were ill were not at work and needed to be looked after, this should have been dealt with efficiently and appropriately so that society was able to run smoothly. Definitions of health Health can mean different things to different people and is influenced by our age, gender, culture and social class.

The criticisms of the Marxist are that they look on medicine which focuses more insufficient than its practice of medicine when putting medicine securely within capitalism. The uncertainty of life in postmodernist society can lead to growing health problems.

M1 Referring to the case study above assess the biomedical and socio-medical models of health. Health care professionals are seen as agents who make sure that individuals go back to work as quick as possible, and work.

Health is defined in the following categories: Neither Mohamed nor Sonia is currently in paid work. Their house is in a poor state of repair, it is damp, draughty and very expensive to keep warm in the winter.

P2 Explain different sociological approaches to health and ill health

This should include environmental factors e. Turner stated that the Marxist view on political economy on health needs to be lookedat how diversity in capitalist societies link to medicine, health and illness. As you may see that the definition of health has changed dramatically over a period of time.

Another thing Marxist are criticised for is for making gendering within health and medicine seem less important. Parsons saw this as a main function of a family who cared for sick and other family members who relied on the family group. Functionalist and the government state that illness is due to social consequences.

In this section of the coursework I will be explaining the sociological perspectives and how they each define health and illness. The family is in poor health. Postmodernist believe that people should challenge conventional views on health and Ill health.Below is an essay on "Explain Different Sociological Approaches to Health and Ill Health" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The social perspectives on health and social care explaining health and ill health. 2) Explain different sociological approaches to health and ill health. (P2) Produce a written explanation demonstrating your understanding of the different sociological approaches to different concepts of health, ill health and the sick role.

Lesson four - Concepts of health and illness 6, views. Share; Like; Download explain different sociological approaches to health and ill health • M1 – assess bio-medical and socio-medical models of health 4.

Think about what you have learnt about the Marxist approach. Try and explain in a short sentence what their approach to. Sociological Perspectives Of Health And Illness Sociology Essay.

Print Reference The booklet will also provide a brief analysis of two different approaches to the study of mental health and illness within society. labelling may help explain some of the responses of others to the mentally ill, but it cannot explain the causes of the.

Explain different sociological approaches to health and ill health There are many sociological approaches that explain health and ill health. In this assignment I will be focusing on Marxism, feminism, interactionaist and functionalism perspectives. P2- Explain different sociological approaches to health and ill health.

The functionalist approach: This approaches needs to make sure that everyone in the society has to be healthy in order to work together and functionally. Once an individual is seen as an ill health they are consider as deviance.

Write a short essay explaining the different sociological approaches to health and ill health
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